The exposition of revived modelling - iiiland It was created in the renovated room of the old house in Hvězdné Údolí No. 816/15, Šternberk on the bank of the river Sitka opposite the castle. It is open for tourists of all ages, lovers of scale models of railways as well as for those looking for unusual inspiration and opportunity to play in the modeling world with their children.
Paul and Olga Svoboda created a miniature world that has unlike traditional modeling exposures an actively playful spirit. Little houses conceal accessible interiors that you can explore, you just raise the roof. The landscape is inhabited by wooden people who have their names, identity cards, associate with political parties and buy goods for their own mini money.
Visitors can try their skill by trying to go down a snowy ski slope with a wooden doll on the string without falling or when they try to ride a slalom on a water canal only with the help of a magnet. They can also jump with wooden skiers from the ski jump or ride a bobsleigh track as quickly as possible.
For very young children, the miniature town of Pupíkov is prepared, where children can try how difficult it is to go through the city by car and not to crash or they can go down the river on a boat and yet not to fall into water.
Adults in iiiland can also see some things that probably nowhere else in the world could be seen, and that are likely to occur only at the Šternberk iiiland. E.g. underground railroad - metro, which is actually hardly visible.
And if you come in the evening you will be welcomed by 60 street lamps, flashing towers, lighthouses, windmills and shining locomotives. Come to forget about everyday worries.

Opening Hours:
                             Monday: 9-11 am
                              Wednesday: 9-11 pm
                              Thursday: 15-17 pm

Off the opening hours, it is possible to arrange a visit or knock on a "museum" door. If there is anyone present in the iiiland, they will certainly show you around (mobile 721 313 573). Admission 30 CZK or 1 €, family ticket 60 CZK or 2 €. Teachers accompanying school children free of charge.

More information:

MUZEUM iiilandu

Hvězdné údolí 816/15, 785 01 ŠTERNBERK

Otevírací doba:

PO 9:00 - 11:00

ST 9:00 - 11:00

ČT 15:00 - 17:00

Dále po telefonické domluvě: 721313573

Vstupné 30Kč/1euro


Opravujeme modely lokomotiv, vozů a příslušenství měřítek H0 i TT!

U analogových parních lokomotiv umíme nainstalovat např. i kouřový generátor!
Pozor! Části digitálního řízení neopravujeme!
U lokomotiv vybavených digitálním řízením opravujeme jen mechanické části!

Modely lze předat přímo v Muzeu iiilandu nebo ve Žďáře nad Sázavou nebo v Praze (po domluvě)!

Opravy se uskutečňují ve Žďáře nad Sázavou.

Kontakt:; 736637777


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